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Ben Crothers Ben Crothers 14 September 2022

End that 'trapped-in-a-box' effect for people joining in-person meetings via videoconference with this easy but effective trick

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One of the best ways to improve meetings is by not running them alone. Here are 17 ways you can involve others, AND improve engagement along the way.

If you use visual frameworks when you facilitate meetings and workshops, you might like to try this fresh take on a regular metaphor: The Road Trip Canvas!

Doing a team check-in is a great way to boost camaraderie and trust, and Nicolas Cage himself has given us a fun way to do just that!


How to keep your team engaged in meetings

31 May 2022

Here are 16 tips to help you ward off any kind of disengagement in your meetings, and replace that with more commitment, connection, concentration and comfort.

Get your team hybrid-happy with this fun workshop

16 May 2022

How do you work out how best to 'do hybrid'? Together, as a team. This workshop will skill you up to run your own conversation with your team, to get hybrid-happy.

Use verbal experiments to help make group decisions

10 May 2022

Is your team stuck trying to make decisions in meetings? That costs time and money, and increases stress and grey hairs. Get on top of decision-making by using verbal experiments.

The 6 types of meetings, based on types of modern work

25 March 2022

Organising a meeting? Wait! Before you send that calendar invitation, make sure you know what type of meeting it needs to be. Doing meetings by design, not by default, gets much better results.

How to facilitate experts when you're not an expert

9 March 2022

Keeping meetings on track can be tough at the best of times, let alone when you don't understand the subject matter. Here are some tips to help.

3 words to bring more psychological safety to any meeting

23 February 2022

Despite our best intentions, we (and our team mates) can fall short of desired behaviours at work. But there's a better way than bubble-wrapping everyone.

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