Better Meetings for Collaboration and Engagement

Instructor: Ben Crothers
Learn to lead more collaborative meetings that harness the strengths of participants and keep them focussed and engaged.
Upcoming classes:
Wednesday 1 December 2021, 9-11am AEDT
Wednesday 1 December 2021, 7-9pm AEDT
Wednesday 12 January 2022, 9-11am AEDT
Wednesday 12 January 2022, 7-9pm AEDT
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"Great session on the intricacies and techniques for managing collaboration and engagement in a group setting, be that meeting, workshops etc. Contained some new models and techniques, great for people starting their facilitation journey or for the experienced to check-in and refresh or add some new strings to their bow."

Jamie Metcalfe, SEEK

"This is a great class regardless of mastery. The content is super relevant and the discussion really opens it up. Ben is a great facilitator, generous and knowledgeable. It was great to leverage off his experience."

Lisa, Design Strategist

Help your team do their best work together

  • Are your meetings getting stale, with participants struggling to stay engaged and focused?
  • Are your team members suffering from Zoom gloom and online meeting fatigue?
  • Is keeping everyone else energised a big drain on you?

This class will equip you to:

  • Plan and run more interactive meetings, to get (and keep!) everyone engaged and giving their best.
  • Be more confident to know how to keep your group ‘in the driver’s seat’, and in a state of collaborative flow.
  • Become the ‘go-to’ guide for how to run more productive meetings, by expanding your kit of icebreakers, questions, and activity ideas.
  • Develop a healthier 'meeting culture' together, to make any time together more effective.

15 years of experience

Show more of your value to your team

This class is great for anyone who wants to amp up their toolkit with more methods for group engagement and collaboration.

  • Managers who want to demonstrate collaborative leadership
  • Project managers and program managers who need to wrangle multi-disciplinary teams help get teams un-stuck, and to come away thinking every meeting was a great use of time
  • Facilitators who want to add to their toolkit
  • Change managers who have to help teams tackle large tricky programs of work
  • Scrum masters, agile coaches and agile practitioners, who want to improve their teams’ ways of working

Project Insurance Pack

You need to set up your team to succeed. These 3 meeting guides will help you do just that. Included in the pack:

Project Kick-off Meeting Guide

Get a shared understanding before the project begins.

Project Pre-Mortem Meeting Guide

Identify what might go wrong and how you will avoid it.

Problem Framing Meeting Guide

Clarify the 'why' behind what your project is really for.

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Serious value for serious leaders

You’re investing in your success as a meeting leader. We take that investment seriously, by packing serious value into this class. This class gives you access to:

  • 2 hours of real-time interactive instruction with Ben Crothers, a skilled veteran of over 15 years of facilitation, training and strategy
  • Your questions answered, throughout the class time
  • PDF templates to use with your team after the class
  • An ongoing community of facilitators on the Bright Pilots Slack channel

Our leading classes equip you with essential tools and techniques to lead better meetings.


Participate from anywhere in the world through your web browser.


Designed with impact in mind, with engaging activities and discussions.


Hosted live by an expert trainer, to tailor discussion and answer your questions.

Impact-driven learning

We’re not flipping burgers here. Leading yourself and others to make a real difference in the world takes more than watching a bunch of online videos. This class is different:

Class outline

We want you to be confident in what you will gain from this class. Here's a detailed look at what you can expect.

1. Introductions and expectations

Introducing your instructor; expectations from attendees and expectations of involvement; class content overview.

2. Introduction to leading (with) meetings

Your role as a facilitator, how you show up, and how you power the engine of collaboration and engagement.

3. Before your meeting

Planning for collaboration and engagement success, and the essential ingredients to think about.

Individual activity: GREAT Meeting Planner template

4. During your meeting

Optimising your meetings for commitment, connection, concentration and comfort; how to read the room (or the Zoom!)

5. Dealing with tricky behaviours

Spotting and troubleshooting some behaviours where collaboration and engagement often dip.

Small group activity: Dealing with tricky behaviours

6. Your meeting culture

Sustaining a spirit of continuous improvement in your team.

8. Wrapping up

Recapping the main points in the class, final Q&A, as well as some next steps and resources.


This class costs $250 (AUD) and includes:

  • 2 hours of real-time interactive instruction with Ben Crothers, a skilled veteran of over 15 years of facilitation, training and strategy
  • Your questions answered, throughout the class time
  • PDF templates to use with your team after the class
  • An ongoing community of facilitators on the Slack channel

Not sure about timezones?

All class times are shown at Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEDT), GMT+11. As a guide: 5pm Sydney (AEDT) = 8am London (BST) = 9am Paris (CET) = 12am San Francisco (PDT) = 3am New York (EDT). Check your local time at

100% Satisfaction

We are so confident that you will love this class that if you don’t we will give you your money back. Simply contact us within 5 days of the class.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please send an email or start chatting.

How much does it cost?

How long is the class?

Bright Pilots classes cost AU$250. We offer discounts for non-profit organisations, and for bookings of over 10 people.

How long is the class?

Each class runs for 2 hours in real-time. The classes take place online and are limited to 10 people per class.

Are there any prerequisites or assumed knowledge?

There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge needed to get the most out of these classes.

What happens after I sign-up?

You’ll receive a welcome email and a link to a short questionnaire to help us get to know what you most want to get out of the class. This helps us to  tailor the class to your circumstances and needs as much as we can.

What software do I need to install?

We use the video conferencing platform Zoom, which you can download here. We also use Slack, which you can download here.

Do I need to do any preparation before the course?

The only preparation you need to do is to complete a brief questionnaire sent with your welcome email, as well as thinking about any specific upcoming meetings that you need to plan and/or run. You’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learn during each class, using these meetings as examples.

How interactive is the class?

Better meetings are all about involving everyone in an engaging productive all the classes are fairly interactive. Each class has a range of practical and conversational activities, ranging from simple icebreakers to individual hands-on exercises, to discussions in groups of 3 or 4 using the breakout group functionality in Zoom. There will also be time for Q&A at the end of the class.

What happens after the class?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion to promote your new credentials on LinkedIn. You will also receive links to download the templates shared during each class, and an invitation to the Bright Pilots Better Meetings Slack community.

You can use this community as a way of keeping in touch with others who attended the class with you, as well as ask questions, give and get advice, and share resources.

What if I register but can no longer attend?

We understand that sometimes things come up and plans need to change. If you can no longer make it to a class, please email us at least 48 hours prior to the class and we will gladly reschedule your registration for a future date. Cancellations that do not take place prior to the 48 hours will not be eligible for credit.

Ben Crothers

Ben has been involved in design since before Netscape ruled the www, and in digital strategy for about the last 10 years.

Ben is currently Principal Facilitator at Bright Pilots, and spends a lot of his time teaching design techniques, running strategic workshops, and helping teams be more creative and to focus on the right things.

Previous to Bright Pilots, Ben was a Principal Designer at Atlassian, a design consultant at Second Road (a strategic innovation consultancy), and directed several projects to help companies and government departments be more creative in solving complex problems for their customers and communities.

Above all, Ben wants everyone to be just as good at the whiteboard as they are at the keyboard, to be better at thinking, communicating, and solving problems visually. He's packed years of experience into practical tips and exercises in his book Presto Sketching: Simple Drawing for Brilliant Product Thinking and Design.

He enjoys extreme sports like abstract painting and brewing beer.

Ben Crothers

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