Intrapreneurship: Innovating in Complex Organisations

Instructor: Raphael Hammel
Learn to navigate organisational barriers to take innovation from idea to implementation.
Upcoming classes:
Tuesday 18 January 2022, 9-11am AEDT
Thursday 17 February 2022, 9-11am AEDT
Tuesday 15 March 2022, 9-11am AEDT
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"I was having trouble with buy-in from external stakeholders, but this course gave me actionable methods that I can now apply in my job and career going forward. A real active learning experience where you can get feedback in a safe environment."

Max Bailey, Customer Experience Designer, Metcash

"I was very impressed with Raph’s ability to deliver engaging content in an online setting. It was great to find someone that really understands the practical challenges and opportunities for those seeking to foster innovation within organisations. Raph doesn’t just give you answers, he makes you think, while providing you with the tools to navigate your own unique situation. Highly recommended to anyone seeking a more innovative future!"

Tim Cook, Founder and Director, Cumulus Travel

Navigate your way to innovation that lasts

  • Do you have great ideas for your team and business, but struggle to be heard?
  • Are you exhausting yourself trying to push improvements that aren't getting anywhere?
  • Are you relying on your and others’ discretionary efforts to work 'under the radar' to develop innovative concepts?
  • Are you impatient with the pace of innovation at your organisation?

This class will equip you to:

  • Understand the reasons that make it hard to innovate in most mature organisations.
  • Reframe your thinking about innovating in organisations; your brilliant idea is not enough.
  • Identify winning approaches to get your ideas understood and implemented in your organisation.
  • Get support for your ideas and make positive change happen in your organisation.

A wealth of knowledge (and war stories!) to tap into

It's time to make that positive change

You have ideas to make things better. A new tool to introduce. A new product line to explore. New customers to pursue. But you're not getting support.

In fact, some people seem opposed to improvement. It is frustrating, discouraging and demotivating. But it doesn't need to be this way - that's why this class exists: to help you find your way forward.

  • Innovators who want to push new ideas in a medium or large organisation
  • Changemakers who want to challenge the status quo at work
  • Managers who want to enable their teams to innovate faster
  • Individual contributors who want to know how others can support  their ideas, big and small

Serious value for serious changemakers

You’re investing in your success as a leader of change. We take that investment seriously, by packing serious value into this class. This class gives you access to:

  • 2 hours of real-time interactive instruction with Raphael Hammel, a highly-skilled innovation consultant and tertiary educator
  • Your questions answered, throughout the class time
  • Online activities and a summary of key points to use with your team after the class
  • An ongoing community of intrapreneurs and changemakers on the Bright Pilots Slack channel

Our classes equip you with essential tools and techniques to make a bigger, brighter impact at work.


Participate from anywhere in the world through your web browser.


Designed with impact in mind, with engaging activities and discussions.


Hosted live by an expert trainer, to tailor discussion and answer your questions.

Impact-driven learning

We’re not flipping burgers here. Leading yourself and others to make a real difference in the world takes more than watching a bunch of online videos. This class is different:

Class outline

We want you to be confident in what you will gain from this class. Here's a detailed look at what you can expect.

1. Introductions

Introducing your instructor; expectations from attendees and expectations of involvement; class content overview.

2. Innovation in organisations: what is it (and what isn’t it)?

Innovation is an oft-used word in organisations, to the point that people may lose clarity on what it actually entails. Let’s clear out this confusion, going back to basics and broadening our perspectives on what innovation is, and what it is not.

Group activity: How do you define 'innovation'?

3. Organisations want to innovate… So why is it so hard to do?

So many organisations claim on their websites that they are 'innovative'. Most understand that innovation is critical to their continued success, but how come it seems so hard to innovate from within?

Group activity: Why is innovation so hard?

4. Success factors: how can you increase your chances to implement your idea?

Now that we better understand the challenges we face to innovate in organisations, what steps can you follow to get support for your idea and progress it to implementation?

  Group activity: What techniques did you see that work?

5. What now?

Based on the tactics and examples shared, this is your chance to capture what you want your next intrapreneurship steps to be.

Individual activity: What are my next steps?

6. Wrapping up

Recapping the main points in the class, final Q&A, as well as some other next steps and resources.


This class costs $250 (AUD) and includes:

  • 2 hours of real-time interactive instruction with Raphael Hammel, a highly-skilled innovation consultant and tertiary educator
  • Your questions answered, throughout the class time
  • Online activities and a summary of key points to use with your team after the class
  • An ongoing community of intrapreneurs and changemakers on the Slack channel

Not sure about timezones?

All class times are shown at Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEDT), GMT+11. As a guide: 5pm Sydney (AEST) = 7am London (BST) = 8am Paris (CET) = 11pm San Francisco (PDT) = 2am New York (EDT). Check your local time at

100% Satisfaction

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please send an email or start chatting.

How much does it cost?

Bright Pilots classes cost AU$250. We offer discounts for non-profit organisations, and for bookings of over 10 people.

How long is the class?

Each class runs for 2 hours in real-time. The classes take place online and are limited to 10 people per class.

Are there any prerequisites or assumed knowledge?

There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge needed to get the most out of these classes.

What happens after I sign-up?

You’ll receive a welcome email and a link to a short questionnaire to help us get to know what you most want to get out of the class. This helps us to  tailor the class to your circumstances and needs as much as we can.

What software do I need to install?

We use the video conferencing platform Zoom, which you can download here. We also use Slack, which you can download here.

Do I need to do any preparation before the course?

The only preparation you need to do is to complete a brief questionnaire sent with your welcome email, as well as thinking about any specific upcoming meetings that you need to plan and/or run. You’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learn during each class, using these meetings as examples.

How interactive is the class?

Better meetings are all about involving everyone in an engaging productive all the classes are fairly interactive. Each class has a range of practical and conversational activities, ranging from simple icebreakers to individual hands-on exercises, to discussions in groups of 3 or 4 using the breakout group functionality in Zoom. There will also be time for Q&A at the end of the class.

What happens after the class?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion to promote your new credentials on LinkedIn. You will also receive links to download the templates shared during each class, and an invitation to the Bright Pilots Better Meetings Slack community.

You can use this community as a way of keeping in touch with others who attended the class with you, as well as ask questions, give and get advice, and share resources.

What if I register but can no longer attend?

We understand that sometimes things come up and plans need to change. If you can no longer make it to a class, please email us at least 48 hours prior to the class and we will gladly reschedule your registration for a future date. Cancellations that do not take place prior to the 48 hours will not be eligible for credit.

Raphael Hammel

Raphael is an in-demand strategic designer and innovator, who helps people and teams realise their potential. He is intent on exploring problems and asking more questions to find better answers, with a focus on creating structural changes that enable organisations to turn into innovation engines.

He consults, facilitates, and advises clients with a wide range of methodologies and tools that he has learnt during his diverse career. After completing his Masters in electronics engineering, Raphael’s early career was in business analysis and project coordination at Airbus in France. He then became an accomplished management consultant in technology and strategy at Deloitte, before moving into design thinking and innovation roles.
Raphael is internationally well-renowned for leading teams while developing breakthrough strategies for new business opportunities and markets (Deloitte innovation program, UTS Business School external engagement), advising organisation leaders (Aurecon, Palliative Care NSW), delivering presentations and workshops on design innovation (Design Management Academy at Hong Kong, China-Australia Millennial Project in Shanghai, INSA Toulouse in France), and creating much of the Master of Design program at the University of Sydney.

Naturally curious, Raphael loves to explore new fields of knowledge. You’ll probably find him reading a book on organisational psychology, neuroscience, strategy, and more, trying to join the dots to advance our collective ability to rethink our problems, consider new solutions, develop meaningful services, and have fun along the way!

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