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Too many meetings are terrible.

But the answer isn't no meetings - the answer is better meetings.

These classes will equip you to lead meetings that get results.

Four classes to meeting mastery

These classes will equip you to lead meetings that get results.

Strategy and Planning

Learn to lead better strategy meetings to clarify your vision, purpose, success, and direction.

Collaboration and Engagement

Learn to lead more collaborative meetings that harness the strengths of participants and keep them focussed and engaged.

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Discovery and Innovation

Learn to lead better brainstorming meetings that generate creative ideas and remove obstacles to innovation.

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Alignment and Decisions

Learn to lead better action-oriented meetings that end in consensus with clear outcomes and accountability.

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Participate from anywhere in the world through your web browser.


Designed with impact in mind, with engaging activities and discussions.


Hosted live by an expert trainer, to tailor discussion and answer your questions.

"Highly recommended strategy and planning workshop especially to those new to the field! I particularly liked the use of the easy mnemonic of making the CASE for strategy. Genius!"

Shirley Ha

"Great to attend the Bright Pilots Better Meetings for Alignment and Decisions class today. I enjoyed the pace, found the content engaging and loved learning by example with excellent facilitation by Ben Crothers. Would highly recommend. I'll be taking on some tips back to be a better Board Chair!"

Selena Griffith, Chair, ASEI

"Excellent course. Containing a tremendous amount of first-rate material. Ben is a fantastic facilitator, making me feel very welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, which was engaging, thought provoking & highly practical."

Mark Woodyatt

"If you work in a team of any sort you can't miss this class full of great, easy to use techniques to gain alignment. I only wish I did it sooner."

Rachael Scott

Serious value for serious leaders

You’re investing in your success as a meeting leader. We take that investment seriously, by packing serious value into this class. This class gives you access to:

  • 2 hours of real-time interactive instruction with Ben Crothers, a skilled veteran of over 15 years of facilitation, training and strategy
  • Your questions answered, throughout the class time
  • PDF templates to use with your team after the class
  • An ongoing community of facilitators on the Bright Pilots Slack channel

Project Insurance Pack

You need to set up your team to succeed. These 3 meeting guides will help you do just that. Included in the pack:

Project Kick-off Meeting Guide

Get a shared understanding before the project begins.

Project Pre-Mortem Meeting Guide

Identify what might go wrong and how you will avoid it.

Problem Framing Meeting Guide

Clarify the 'why' behind what your project is really for.

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Impact-driven learning

We’re not flipping burgers here. Leading yourself and others to make a real difference in the world takes more than watching a bunch of online videos. This class is different:

15 years of experience